Tour summary

Start/Finish: Moscow
Nearest Airport: Domodedovo
Duration: 14 days vacation
13 riding days
Total distance: 2600-2900 km (1612-1798 miles)
Daily distances: 150-300 km (93-186 miles)
Minimum number of participants: 4

Tour’s motorcycle BMW F 800 GS

Capacity: 798 CC
Capacity: 85 CV
Maximum speed: 200 Km/H
Fuel consumption: 3,8 L / 100 Km


Year Month Dates

Day 1. Moscow arrival

You arrive in Moscow.
At the airport our driver meets you and takes you to the hotel where you can have rest and relax after your flight. We meet in the evening to get to know each other during the dinner.


Day 2. Moscow — Uglich

This is one of the busiest days of our tour. We get up early, get the motorbikes and set out. Our goal for today is to get to a small ancient town of Uglich. The only thing we need is to leave the capital with its heavy traffic and here it is — our long-awaited trip! Uglich is known for its warmth, heartfulness, cosiness and leisurely provinciality. We will arrive early enough not to miss an excursion which is as heartful as the town itself.


Day 3. Uglich — Plyos

We drive along the scenic road with a little traffic, enjoying the typical Russian landscapes, passing through the numerically small villages and finally come to the ancient city of Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl is the first Russian city on the Volga River which has been mentioned in the ancient chronicles. The historic center of the city is included in the list of World cultural heritage by UNESCO. Yaroslavl is considered to be the jewel in the «Golden Ring» of ancient cities. It is one of the architectural capitals of Russia. Here we will visit the excursion around the city and then move on to one of the most unusual towns of our tour. Plyos is an incredibly cute and cozy town. Only a few people can remain indifferent to it. The famous Russian painter Isaac Levitan painted Plyos landscapes in his works. They can be seen as in the Tretyakov gallery as in the mediocre reproductions in the village houses and on the sweet wrappers. And it means a lot. We simply cannot pass by this wonderful place.


Day 4. Plyos — Nizhny Novgorod

This day a winding road along the Volga will lead us to Nizhny Novgorod. This is one of the oldest and the most picturesque cities in Russia. It is situated in the mountains at the confluence of two major rivers — the Oka and Volga. Here we will have a tour of the historic center of the city. Stunning views as well as the warmth and cosiness of the province will not leave anyone indifferent.


Day 5. Nizhny Novgorod — Cheboksary

This day we will visit an unusually beautiful place. We will visit the Makaryev Monastery which still works. It was founded in the XV century. The nuns will conduct a tour for us. Then together with our motorcycles we will take a ferry and cross to the other bank of the Volga where we will continue our journey.

Te view from the ferry is simply breathtaking!


Day 6. Cheboksary — Kazan

Today, perhaps, is the shortest day of the ride. Kazan is waiting for us. And we want to pay more attention to this city. It is called the «third» capital of Russia. When you are in Kazan it seems like you are in the East and in the West at the same time. Two world cultures (the West and the East) merge in this city. Kazan with its impressive Kremlin, mosques, churches and rich museums, is a unique attraction of tourist routes along the Volga.It is included in the list of World Heritage Cities. And more information about this city we will know on the tour :) .


Day 7. Kazan — Ulyanovsk

The road from Kazan to Ulyanovsk is no different — forests, fields and rivers are all the same that you can see in the picture. Ulyanovsk is a little bit different from the cities that we have seen before. In the Soviet era it was a kind of cult city. Its name is associated with the name of Lenin — leader of the world proletariat.Until now some people say that Ulyanovsk is а preserve of communism. The Lenin’s House, Lenin Square, Lenin Street, Lenin Museum and numerous monuments and memorials — they are all related to the personality cult of Lenin. People can have different attitudes to this fact but we cannot erase this great period from Russian history.


Day 8. Ulyanovsk

Today we are going to have a little rest. We will not ride far away. There is a very interesting Ulyanovsk Aircraft Museum in Ulyanovsk. We will visit it. This is a unique exhibition of domestic aircraft and helicopters of civil aviation in the era of the Soviet Union.

If the weather is fine we will ride to the observation platform not far from Ulyanovsk where you can enjoy an amazing vista of the Volga River and its surroundings.


Day 9. Ulyanovsk — Nalitovo

Today is an unusual day! We want to show you Russian remote places. Hamlets, ruined temples and bad roads are waiting for us. To have a rest we will stay in a very beautiful place on the bank of the forest lake away from the bustling city. We will go to the Russian banya, drink tea from Russian samovar and enjoy simple dishes of Russian cuisine.


Day 10. Nalitovo — Bolshoe Boldino

The name of a famous russian writer and poet Alexander Pushkin is wellknown all over the world. Every person in our country is familiar with the oeuvre of this great poet. That is why we cannot pass by the place which is closely connected with the name of the writer. It is very beautiful especially when the autumn comes. You know it is autumn that inspired Pushkin so much! Boldino is a place which tells about the life of a famous person much better than the volumes of his biography.
There we will visit the Pushkin museum and Pushkin’s family estate in Lvovka.


Day 11. Bolshoe Boldino — Murom

Gradually we return to the cities of the «Golden Ring» of Russia. Our goal for today is the ancient city of Murom. Today we will see again old monasteries and temples. There is a complex of the Trinity Monastery (1642-1652) in the center of Murom. It is one of the most significant examples of Russian architecture of that period of time.

Here we have also planned an excursion around the sights.


Day 12. Murom — Kolomna

A visit to Kolomna is like a trip back in time. It is a city of amazing contrasts. The majestic spiers of steeples are combined with factory chimneys. Cathedral Square in Kolomna Kremlin is the heart of the city which peacefully coexists with the Ice Palace. Here patriarchal character coexists with modernity. Of course the guide will tell us more interesting facts about Kolomna and its history.


Day 13. Kolomna — Moscow

Right after breakfast we ride to the historic center of the ancient Russian crafts called Gzhel. Gzhel porcelain is considered to be one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia. We will visit an old porcelain factory which is famous for its unique distinctive blue designs. At the Gzhel museum you will learn about the history of pottery and see the exclusive works of contemporary artists. Then we will take a short ride back to Moscow where we give the motorbikes back and regret that our tour is almost over. In the evening we will have a farewell dinner where we can share an unforgettable experience and impressions.


Day 14. Departure

We have breakfast at the hotel, say goodbye and promise to meet again.:)Transfer to the airport.